SKP Family Charitable Trust is founded in 2014 to facilitate Globally Broaden Saurashtra Kadva Patidar (SKP) Parivar, India's countryside PATELS. Today, the trust visualizes becoming one of the leading Internet community connecting portals and boosts with the services of Cultural Rehabilitation, Internal Acquaintance, Social, Spiritual, Divine & Educational Excellency, Matrimonial, Personal &Soft Skills Development, Health & Physical Fitness, Medicals & Hospitals and many more cross border Social &Humanity Quality exchanges for their families spread across the globe. The trust is focused on discovering developing scalable techno savvy re-joining models within and around its own community and classifieds. It is indeed delighted introducing itself as a pioneer of Indo-centric Internet family concerning model and believes in modernization escorting growth of its own families. SKP Family is a Capital support-less company and is part of the SKP Family Charitable Trust registered under the Commissioner of Charitable Trust, Gujarat State of Republic of India.